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The genesis.
Matsyafed, the Kerala State Co-operative Federation for Fisheries Development Ltd., was registered on 19th March 1984 as an Apex Federation of primary level welfare societies in the coastal fishery sector with the objective of ensuring the economic and social development of the fishermen community by implementing various schemes aimed at promoting the production, procurement, processing and marketing of fish and fish products. There are 666 Fishermen Development and Welfare Co-operative Societies in Marine, Inland and Women fisheries sector affiliated to Matsyafed.

The mission
To improve the per capita income of producer fishermen through interventions in credit, technology, marketing and capacity building to bring them into the main stream of the society.

About federation
Matsyafed is an Apex Federation of 666 primary level Fishermen Development Welfare Cooperative Societies. Of the 666 primary societies 341 are in the marine sector, 192 in the inland sector and 133 women co-operatives. The total membership in these societies is more than 3 Lakh. The paid-up share capital of the Federation is 150 Crore. The primary societies are clubbed into 53 clusters for administrative convenience based on geographical area.

The administration and management of Matsyafed is vested with a Board of Directors having 25 members of whom 15 are elected from the primary co-operatives, 7 official members and 3 non-official members nominated by the Government. The Chief Executive is the Managing Director. There are 7 Divisions to carry out all the activities of the organisation. Each division is headed by Deputy General Manager (for Personnel Division – Personnel Manager). Planning, Project Formulation, Implementation, Monitoring, Reviewing and Evaluations are done at these divisions.

Matsyafed has a District Office in each of the nine Maritime districts and in the Inland districts of Kottayam and Pathanamthitta. The District Managers with a team of supporting staff co-ordinate and supervise all the activities in the district. In every district there are 3 – 7 Project Offices (Field Level Cluster Office) and the Project Officer is in charge of this office. The Project Officer functions as a friend, philosopher and guide to the fishermen community and co-ordinates the implementations of the various projects at the grass root level.